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Tally-Ho White Playing Cards

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Tally-Ho White Playing Cards

Tally-Ho White Playing Cards

Available in fan and circle version, not sold as a set.

The Tally-Ho brand has been synonymous with quality and elegance for over 100 years. Penguin has given both the Fan Back and Circle Back designs a revamp with a classy Black and White inverted color scheme and a limited-edition premium tuck box. 

We started with the faces... and didn't change a thing. The beloved Tally-Ho Ace of Spades and Identical Jokers are classics for a reason. We kept the rest of the faces traditional for maximum compatibility with your existing Tally-Ho Playing Cards. 

The stock and finish are a worker's dream. The cards feel perfect straight out of the box, but also put up with wear and tear incredibly well thanks to the high-grade Bicycle stock and top-of-the-line Magic Finish. 

Finally, the tuck box. We used a premium-grade tuck stock and applied the design in black foil. Every element on the box is crafted from black foil. This gives the box just a hint of texture as well as a subtle, elegant shine when it catches the light. This foiled tuck box will only be available on the limited-edition first printing of the White Tally-Ho. 

But we didn't stop there - we also made sure to include a double-back card and a blank-face card in each deck that will allow you to perform impossible miracles without the need to buy anything extra! 

If this deck had been available when they filmed The Sting, this is what they would have used!

  • Available in Fan and Circle Back
  • Inverted Black and White Color Scheme
  • Special Limited First-Edition Print Run
  • Black Foil Design on the Tuck Box
  • Bicycle Stock with Premium Magic Finish
  • Traditional Faces, Ace of Spades, and Identical Jokers
  • 2 Bonus Gaff Cards Included in Each Deck

2015 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Really great cards

Before I got interested in cards again, I had never heard of these. Once I discovered them everything they say about them is true. They handle like a dream and I have several decks of them. If you can not get these, get one of the other styles you can not go wrong


Both the circle and fan backs are both really nice. Eye catching when preforming. Really recommend them for magic and cardistry.


This is a great deck. The great pattern and the colors make them very eye catching. The deck feels great in your hand. They are very easy to handle. They look great during tricks. The stock is good. It is a good deck to have in your collection. I love the bold, cool, and unique patterns on the back. I love borderless decks. Having no borders makes them look sleeker, in my opinion. The box design is also good. The box makes them look very professional. I like the darker blues. Over all, the design is simple, but simple can be a good thing.

Jacob Burk
Maybe go for the cheaper ones, but still good

All that of the tally hos but with a different color and price tag

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