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Tally-Ho No. 9 1885 Replica Playing Cards

$11.99 USD
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Tally-Ho No. 9 1885 Replica Playing Cards

$11.99 USD

Andrew Dougherty’s famous Tally-Ho brand started in 1885 and is still printed today. The original deck had the Ace of Spades with the Centre Street address and a Jolly Joker card. The Tally-Ho Joker was introduced 20 years later in the early 1900s. Due to the British origins of the phrase “tally-ho” which is associated with a fox hunt, later versions included a fox hunting Joker. 

The original deck had a unique back and several versions were then used before settling on the familiar circle and fan backs.

2017 Release.

Customer Reviews

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P. Dennis
Very Nice Vintage Deck

I love the vintage backs. The faces have chunky pips. The courts are also excellent vintage style. I would characterize them as transitioning from the older 1860s primitive style courts to the modern courts. Nice set of aces with a bold and stunning ace of spades. Deck comes with a double backer. You can also perform the "Tally-Ho" trick with this deck. It only has one joker - a slight minus.

Reproduction deck taken into the new century!

When it comes to reproduction decks, it could be a hit or miss depending on how much they stay true to source material as well as how much you genuinely enjoy the overall design of the deck. This is an awesome deck that's branded with the Tally-Ho Brand. Next to Bicycle, I would think that Tally-Ho would be the next biggest brand under the USPCC umbrella. This deck absolutely gives off 1885 vibes, which makes it fit the theme very well. An awesome deck for any collection and could be used for themed gameplay!

Renee Lubert
I have seen a lot of reproduction decks, this one is extremely good

I really like the style on this, the bigger pips and the fact that jokers are included (I use them in cartomancy) makes this reproduction deck better than some. Granted, they didn't always have jokers in older decks but one should be more inclusive to a market that may include someone who wants them (and those that don't can just take them out). But I digress. Nice old-fashioned feel, I liked these enough to purchase a backup deck.

Great Replica Deck

There are a few replica decks out there that are just a no go for me. This one really hits some great design marks. The feel and the design look really nice.

Deryn Le
Love these!

I love everything Tally Ho. This replica was to be one step closer to completing my Tally collection.

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