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Syndicate Bicycle Playing Cards

$15.99 USD
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Syndicate Bicycle Playing Cards

$15.99 USD

Syndicate Bicycle Playing Cards

For a creation to work, the pieces must fit. This is the case of great teamwork and this is the inspiration of BICYCLE SYNDICATE: parts and gears in perfect harmony to create beauty. 

GAMBLER'S WAREHOUSE is proud to present this new deck, the result of a fantastic collaboration between two passionate playing cards designers: SHAPE-SHIFTERS and MAX PLAYING CARDS. 

The best of both worlds has been combined in this deck full of positive energy. The meticulous details and the metallic and shiny textures make BICYCLE SYNDICATE an elegant and intricate, yet very clean, deck.

For the designs, different graphic techniques in 2D and 3D have been combined. Thus, the tuck case and back look like work of a goldsmith. 

The back represents an elaborate structure where metals are combined with precious gems and mechanisms that seem to hide a real treasure. 

Card faces, on a white background, keep a perfect neatness for magic routines or table top games. Pips on numbered cards look like jewelry and fit with the elaborate aesthetics of four huge and beautiful Aces. 

The Court cards, completely customized, follow a traditional scheme which guarantee their playability for any poker game. 

Jokers represent day and night, an allegory of the tireless work of those who, with their talent, strive to create beauty and turn it into magnificent decks like this one. 


  • 56 striking playing cards manufactured on quality Bicycle Stock
  • Custom face cards, custom back, Jokers and custom tuck box
  • Poker size
  • Printed by The US Playing Cards Company
  • Air cushion finish
  • Collectors limited edition of 2500 print run
  • 2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Always something new to discover with Bicycle

If you're a collector, you can appreciate "limited edition" when browsing for a deck so let's go ahead and put a "+" right there. Pretty limited print run on the always classic and handle friendly USPCC stock and the back design which is...I'm not quite sure how to describe other than it feels like you are missing out on something cool.

Daniel Costarell
A diamond in the rough

This is a great deck! We start with card backs that have symmetrical backs and a light brown to bronze coloration and a geometric design. The fronts of these cards are completely custom, so even the two thru ten cards are given their due. The backgrounds are white, featuring a "broken border" on all four edges of the cards. The fonts and pips are completely custom, and each individual pip contains some small scrollwork, as well as a tiny version of the pip inside of the larger pip. All of the aces, not just the spade, are large and nicely detailed. The court cards, while reminiscent of standard courts, are definitely given some embellishments, such as a smaller standard border to contain the symmetrical court inside the already aforementioned "broken border" (this double border gives the courts a somewhat smaller appearance), as well as other small touches, such as a little more detail added to the weapons (or whatever else they may be holding). There are two full sized jokers, one red and one black. The red joker is a very intricate sun design inside of a circle of pips, and the black joker is the crescent moon and wind inside of the same type of circle. A double backer card is also included. The artwork is beautiful on this deck. It's too nice to be left on the coffee table as a nightly Gin Rummy deck, but the artwork is too nice for it to be a "collector's shelf only" deck. A remarkably well designed deck!

Ricardo Ferro
Beautiful jokers and tuckbox

Beautiful deck with elegant and intricate customization. From the box image - in which we have a 3D graphics creation - to the drawing of cards and suits ... a great acquisition for a collector like me.

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