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Sword T v2 Playing Cards USPCC

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Sword T v2 Playing Cards USPCC

Sword T v2 Playing Cards

Not sold as a set, available in black, red & gaff

How can you improve a deck that's already fabulous? Well, take a look!

Some great features of this deck include:

Promotion by FISM World Champion Shin Lim, who produced an extremely stunning official trailer for New T Playing Cards.

Printed by USPCC, Bee stock, Air Cushion finish, Q1 paper. The handling is excellent!

Come in two colors: Black and Wine-Red. Each color contains 2 gaff cards.

We know you'll be thrilled with this deck.

About the Gaff Deck:

Printed By USPCC, Bee Stock, Air Cushion Finish, Q1 Paper.

T Gaff Deck is a whole set of classical gaff cards, printed by USPCC, contains 56 basic gaff cards, they are:

Black Back and Blank Face x 12
Wine Red Back and Blank Face x 12
Double Black Back x 6Double Wine Red Back x 6
Black Back and Wine Red  Face x 6
Double Face x 6 (Including 4 Ace Assembly, one of the Ace can let you do ‘the fastest magic in the World’by Helder Guimaraes)
Blank and Face  x 4 (Four Queen)Double Blank  x 4
2018 Release.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gaffs differ from those pictured

I bought both the black and wine red decks, primarily on the basis of the gaffs pictured above (and seen in the promotional video). While the decks are good quality decks that I’ll definitely get plenty of use out of, the gaffs supplied were different from those above. The stock is nice, and there’s a nice simplicity to the overall design. I’m not wild about the tuck boxes, which feel a little cheap. I’m not as worried about this last point—my review score is based on not getting the advertised gaffs. The gaffs I did receive are pretty good, and will no doubt anchor some good tricks.

TCC's best

This is TCC's best release, in my opinion...if you've shied away from them because they aren't USPCC, this is a good opportunity to give them a shot. It's a very reasonable price for a solid deck. They handle fairly well, I'd say similar to standard Bikes. V1 had a black and white deck, V2 goes with a black, wine red and a gaff deck in a white tuck. That white tuck threw me at first, don't make the same mistake I did! The gaff deck comes with a combination of black and wine red gaff white ones. But it has some fun double facers, double backers, blank face and even blank backs.

A big wave of high end Sword T decks is coming from Kickstarter, featuring about a dozen or so different back colors, but the V2s are my favorites. For those of us sword lovers, this is a great deck to have, combining swords and magic, which have so many times gone hand in hand.

This is "it"...

I appreciate it... When even on a deck as fairly simple as this one... They still manage to dot all the "i's" & cross all the "t's"... All ways bet on black...

Wonderful set

I got these specifically for the gaff cards that come in both the black and red decks, which is nice addition if you're getting just one deck! And to be able to use any of the Gaff Deck cards. I'm new to card magic, but I understand the Gaff Deck is pretty limited, basically just variations of double back and blanks, and not much else. But for a beginner like me, that's more than enough to get started and feel like a pro. The card quality is really nice, and feel just fantastic.
The one downside, enough that I need to take a star off for, is I don't think they test-marketed the backs to a wide enough sample audience. When I started my first trick with them to my girlfriend, she asked me why there were IUDs on the backs. Now I can't see the Ts as anything else. :/

Lars Captain Bray
awesome cards

The T sword deck is a work of art the simplistic design of white on black never gets old plus it has an awesome original gaff card included to spice up your magic routine

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