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Sword T Playing Cards TCC - Black & White

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Sword T Playing Cards TCC - Black & White

T Series Playing Cards was the first deck released by TCC Playing Card Co. Twenty THOUSAND of these decks were sold within 3 months! 

Given their popularity, we are now releasing our new T Sword edition. 

Some features of this deck include:

  • It has a simple, yet elegant, design
  • The cards fan smoothly and are easy to recover
  • Printed in Taiwan
You will enjoy using our new T Sword edition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
dan turgelis
T simple but great

Got the black version free in an order from here, gotta say i never heard of these cards until i got it on my package from last order. i like how simple they are. standard uspcc pip, indices and face cards , love the gaffs the deck comes with , and of course top notch quality. I want all color versions now.

P. Dennis
Nice addition to my other T sword decks

It is always nice to have extra cards with different backs for performing color change routines. This deck makes a nice addition to my burgundy and black T sword decks (and gaff deck). The only negative is no gaff cards were in my deck.

Isaiah Daggett
Top Notch

Thought I did not order these cards off of here, I still would like to give my input on these cards since there was no review. These cards are phenomenal. Right out the box they are perfect when it comes to the flex/stiffness. Cards that are too soft when unboxed will get worn out in days, and cards that are too stiff when unboxed would be so hard to break in, so for sure this was a 2 star for me. Then the simplistic design which I always love was a third star for me. Lastly, these cards are great for magic and cardistry, especially the black deck when it comes to magic (gaff cards), so this added on the last 2 stars for me.

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