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Superior Brand v2 Playing Cards EPCC

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Superior Brand v2 Playing Cards EPCC

Superior Brand v2 Playing Cards

Available in Blue & Red

Our insanely popular Superior Classic Bricks are back and better than ever. We have updated the color a little and streamlined the tuck (at the suggestion of Asi Wind) to make it look even more classic.


These are your new go-to playing cards. They handle wonderfully and are traditionally cut for perfect weave shuffles. Very resilient, yet with a splendid ease of use. 

Also, the cards closely match our Superior Classic Readers: the few, subtle differences in the tuck cases will allow you to tell them apart!

Superior Brand is a new series of cards that will encompass a large range of variations. There will be different finishes, and colors of the same back design, different back designs, gaffed decks and cards, and much more. This iteration is focused on a classic design and feel. The cards are priced inexpensively and feature all the qualities that most card handlers look for in their day to day card work.


Each tuck case is made with a special synthetic paper that will last and last. It is tear resistant, resilient, and will help protect your cards from moisture.

Classic Finish - Named Classic because this feels most like what many card handlers are now used to. Softer stock that is easy to handle.

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

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Kevin V.
Worth it

These are durable. They feel synthetic they’re pretty stiff just how I like my cards. I don’t know what they’re made of but they feel somewhat synthetic kind of like a deck of KEM cards but stiffer. Over all they feel nice in your hand if you like a stiffer deck. If you use your cards and beat them up these will definitely last you.

A practical deck - I especially love the court cards!

I have both the red and blue backed version of this deck, and the publisher also made a version in black at some point as well. It's a very practical deck, with a straight forward design on the card backs. The faces have a relatively standard look, but I especially love the court cards. They have a sense of the traditional, and yet the design makes them more classy and elegant than a normal Bicycle deck from USPCC. The printing is from Expert Playing Card Company, so they handle quite differently than a standard USPCC produced deck, but they are still very good quality. I use mine for practicing and performing magic.

Great looking deck

I love the back of this deck! The design is attractive and the pips and court cards are very nice. The tuck case is ok but the style and handling of the cards are great for the price!

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