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Superior Black v2 Playing Cards EPCC

$5.99 USD
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Superior Black v2 Playing Cards EPCC

$5.99 USD

Superior Black v2 Playing Cards

These are your new go-to playing cards. They handle wonderfully and are traditionally cut for perfect weave shuffles. Very resilient, yet with a splendid ease of use.


Each tuck case is made with a special synthetic paper that will last and last. It is tear resistant, resilient, and will help protect your cards from moisture.

Classic Finish

Named Classic because this feels most like what many card handlers are now used to. Softer stock that is easy to handle. Classic stock was developed by Lawrence Sullivan at Legends Playing Card Co.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sarah P.
Tuck case flap: A++++

This is the deck I keep in my daily bag as I commute to and from work or shopping on the weekends. The tuck case is sturdy, but more importantly, it doesn't have notches on the sides so it is extremely simple to open and close. I am really starting to loathe the 'normal' sort of tuck case with the notches in the close flap - yes it makes the cards more secure in their little box, but it's also a pain in the butt sometimes to open without tearing the box!
I dont have to worry about that with these cards.

All around excellent feel - elegant enough i like to move them, but simple enough I dont mind if I play ERS with my cousins on the concrete at the playground.

Elizabeth Nissen

Love this deck... it is smooth but not too slippery which making it great to use a a beginning deck of card tricks (at least for me). Attractive back

Great all around deck.

Good for magic, gameplay, & even cardistry. Classy back design compliments the vintage look of the faces. For the price & quality it can def be an every day carry.

P. Dennis
Essential Deck to complete collection ....

The black deck is an essential complement to the red and blue decks, especially for use with the Superior gaff cards that have red and black back cards.

Nice supplement to your Bike cards

I purchased these on a whim, and am glad I did if nothing else but for variety.
They do indeed feel "broken in" out of the box.
Unfortunately my tuck arrived damaged, but that had no effect on the feel of the cards.
Black and white is well utilized on the backs with a traditional feel.
The box itself is unique, although you may want to call them Spalding when you first
see the tuck art.
The full length standing joker is a nice touch, and again different.
I wouldn't recommend these for any particular feature or effect, other than a quality set of
non-bike cards for the table.

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