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Suede Leather Medium Close-Up Pad

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Suede Leather Medium Close-Up Pad

Suede Leather Medium Close-Up Pad

Available in 4 colors

These pads provide the perfect surface for your magical effects. 

Select baby special flannelette material. 

The fabric is perfectly fitted with high-density sponge, with excellent resilience. Black litchi grain leather sole is selected for anti-slip and wear resistance. 

The fabric and base material are supported by hard wood boards with moderate hardness and higher integrity. 

Size: 40cm x 27cm x 1.2cm ~15.75" x 10.5"

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
P. Dennis
Well made, Nice for small spaces

I got this sized pad to complement my other two large pads. I use it a lot for showing tricks at our kitchen table! It is perfect for the table size. The hardwood backing is nice. The pad is big enough for a managed spread of the deck.

I chose green as it is the typical color of gambling tables and to complement my other pads -- which are all black.

Very impressive quality

I've seen this product in both the green and the black, and both are impressive, although black is my favourite given how it works as an ideal background for all types and colours of cards. The quality is excellent, with a leather-like backing, and the material is very soft and ideal for card work. I should have checked the measurements more closely though - it was smaller than I expected, but exactly the size described. I personally prefer something larger, in order to do a proper spread of cards, so I'll be getting the Large version of this close-up pad.

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