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Suede Leather Large Close-Up Pad

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Suede Leather Large Close-Up Pad

Suede Leather Large Close-Up Pad

Available in 4 colors

These pads provide the perfect surface for your magical effects. 

Select baby special flannelette material. 

The fabric is perfectly fitted with high-density sponge, with excellent resilience. Black litchi grain leather sole is selected for anti-slip and wear resistance. 

The fabric and base material are supported by hard wood boards with moderate hardness and higher integrity. 

Size: 50cm x 34cm x 1.2cm ~19.75" x 13.5"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jonathan D Meadows
Great product for the price!

This is a GREAT pad for the price, although I'd definitely recommend the large, unless you normally work in extremely cramped quarters. The large is the size I would have expected a medium to be, but the quality of the pad - given the price - makes this very hard to pass up. The only pads Ive seen that are better than this one are $300.

Beautiful and affordable.

I’ve been shopping around for my first close up pad for awhile, and it seemed between spending a hundred or more on a really nice one or 30 bucks for a mediocre one on amazon. Thankfully I came across this and couldn’t be happier. It feels absolutely wonderful, doesn’t slide around or cause any issues during performance. It looks amazing and it’s the perfect size on my practice desk. Highly recommend!

Michael D.
Awesome accessory

I have been doing close up magic for many years now, but never invested in a close-up pad. I am so glad I purchased this one. The large size is perfect to spread out any deck of cards, and the black color I chose is perfect for other close-up tricks as well. I highly recommend this product for anyone that does card tricks or any other close-up magic!

Bigger and better

I got the medium sized close up pad first, and while I love it, I found it a little small. This one is bigger and better, and I much prefer it, because it's large enough to do a full card spread. I have the black version, which is an ideal background for all types and colours of cards. The quality is excellent, with a leather-like backing, and the material is very soft and well suited for card work, because cards stay nicely in position, but are also easy to grab and move. Very high quality product and I'm glad I picked one up.

Great Quality Close Up Pad

The Suede Leather Large Close-Up Pad is a perfect size for most desks and is large enough to perform many magic routines. Additionally, the pad can be used for any delicate tasks such as changing out watch straps. The texture is great and it is well constructed.

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