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Steeplechase Park Playing Cards USPCC

$9.99 USD
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Steeplechase Park Playing Cards USPCC

$9.99 USD

Steeplechase Park Playing Cards

Want a deck of cards and an homage to a great amusement park in one? Here it is! Designed by Jared Hansen, Steeplechase Park Playing Cards is a tribute to Coney Island's original and longest-running amusement park. The back design is wildly colorful and vibrant - a perfect deck for summer. The faces have been completely recolored, and you receive matching custom Jokers, a custom Ace of Spades, and 2 useful gaff cards. The custom tuck box is closed with a custom sticker seal. Printed by USPCC on Bicycle stock with premium "Magic" finish, the deck feels and handles wonderfully while the traditional cut makes shuffling a breeze. Only 2,500 decks printed!

  • Designed by Jared Hansen
  • Limited Print Run of 2,500
  • Colorful, Vibrant Back Design
  • Custom Colored Faces and Court Cards
  • Fully Custom Ace of Spades and Matching Jokers
  • Bright Custom Tuck Box and Custom Sticker Seal
  • Printed by USPCC
  • High-Grade Bicycle Stock and Premium "Magic" Finish
  • Traditionally Cut
  • 2 Gaff Cards Included

You and your audience will have fun reliving this marvelous place while using this deck!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
It's sooo Brooklyn...

Some decks have the ability to take you some place... While you remain in the comfort of your own home... So... Just... Lay back... Kick it... And... Enjoy the ride(s)...

Jennifer Frey
Fun design

These are one of my favorite decks. They are just fun to look at. I use them often. I like the way there is no black on the fronts. Instead, the spades and clubs are a blue that coordinates well with the back. Although, they did arrive a bit warped, but it could be worse. I'd say they are of a medium stiffness, and not too hard to shuffle.


Great homage to Steeplechase Park in Coney Island New York. These were purchased as a gift for my uncle who does get homesick of NY often I'm sure he would love these as much as I do. 10/10

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