Starry Sky Playing Cards

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From creator Yang Yi:

"In the very beginning, I just like to gaze at the night sky until I saw the night with countless stars. I think I must record this beautiful scenery forever by my painting."

"I found it was not an easy thing. I had to stand at the cold weather or bear the bit by mosquitoes at the night. However, I gradually found it became one of my habit and hobby. Yes, I fell in love with the night sky and the purpose of my every travel was the night at different cities." 

"Currently, most of my artworks are about the night sky, 54 of them are my favorites. And one day, when I was playing game with my friends, I found that a deck contains 54 cards, why not combine my artwork together with a deck of cards? That’s the idea comes from. This set of cards is only for commemorating my journey and sharing what I see to those my loved ones."

There are 54 totally different cards with 54 different views of Night Skies. The cards are designed by hyper-fine hand painting and excellent color on it. The cards are unique and the best combination for you.

The cards as well as the cover box, are made with Macrofiber and high hardness embossing tuck on the surface, which makes the cards more harder and more waterproof.