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Stargazer Nebula Bicycle Playing Cards

$7.99 USD
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Stargazer Nebula Bicycle Playing Cards

$7.99 USD

Stargazer Nebula Bicycle Playing Cards

Hold the birthplace of the stars in your hand, with the Stargazer Nebula deck!

These out-of-this-world playing cards feature glowing displays seen only in the cosmos. Now artistically illuminated in colorful swirls on the card back and accented with custom pips & card faces.

  • Classic Air-Cushion® Finish
  • Easy shuffling and optimum slide performance
  • Printed with non-toxic, plant-based inks
  • Premium silver foil packaging
  • Double Backer included
  • Fully customized suits, faces, and card backs
  • Fully recyclable playing cards
  • Perfect for game nights, cardistry, magic, and playing card collections
  • Made in the USA
  • 2020 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
DB Hall
Colorful Solid Bicycle Deck

This is one of the more colorful Bicycle deck you will want to include in your collection if you want to spice up your collection with some color. The deck handles as you would expect from the standard Bicycle stock. You won't be disappointed.

Great deck

Big fan of the StarGazer series, this is the 3rd version that I have purchased. Great colors and design, well worth getting.

Robbie Bridges

Favorite so far love the feel, did amazing job on the colors. Family Favorite so far. Thank you

Legionmode Zarua
Nebula Series

Cards are standard Bicycle feel which allows cards to flow easily. The red and white suits make it easy to identify at a quick glace. Pip and box designs are great! I have the entire series and this is the second most popular one (the moon is the most popular one).

Can't beat this series for the price

I love the Stargazer series of playing cards, given how heavily customized the cards are - now that I've got this deck, my set is now complete. The card backs are very colourful, and ideal for cardistry. And the card faces have a somewhat traditional style in terms of the design, but a completely revised colour scheme and adjustments make it very custom. These are great for flourishing, but also make an immediate positive first impression on people. The tuck boxes have some nice foil, which also makes them look impressive. The other decks in the series are also terrific (Stargazer, New Moon, Sunspot, and Bicycle Asteroid) - I recommend them all.

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