Stardust Black Playing Cards NPCC

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Stardust Black Playing Cards

Welcome to the "Stardust" project, we're proud to bring you this new collaboration for these fantasy themed black edition playing cards.

  • Over 2-years in the making, featuring Dragons, Snakes, Lions, and other curiosities
  • All artwork has been hand-drawn by Alice (Artist)
  • Completely custom deck, perfect for collectors and fantasy enthusiast
  • Features design elements for Magic and Cardistry users

The dragon's piercing red eyes stare back at you from the black depths in the back card design, the two-way artwork working well for Cardistry and Magic users with a central point-of-focus for observers around the Pips.

The Artist
Artist: Алиса "Alice" from Russia
Alice originally designed these playing cards as a surprise gift during a romance with a magician; yet sadly he passed away in a car accident many years ago before she could present this to him, since then this artwork and her creation has remained dormant.

She would love nothing more than to see these cards brought to life as originally envisioned and for people to enjoy her artwork in their Collection, Cardistry or Magic.

Deck Features:

  • 52 Custom hand-drawn playing cards
  • 2 Jokers + 2 Double Backers
  • Air cushion finish (Linen) on 310gsm German card stock
  • Limited edition of under 500 printed

Tuck Case
The tuck case features the Ace of Diamonds Dragon and the back card designs. The custom Pips are also prominent on the tuck opening and there will be a tuck case seal sticker on every deck. Foiled & embossed!

Each dragon tightly holds each of their suites, ready to to face any challengers that dare step forth into their realm.

Court Cards
The Jacks are represented by Bulls, defiant and strongly pushing their desires.
Queens are snakes, beautiful yet deadly, capturing their Pips in a cold embrace.
Kings are Lions, ruling over their pride with Majesty and strength of will.

Number Cards
All the number cards feature completely custom Pip artwork across all suites. No detail was left untouched by the artist.

The Two Jokers
The Jokers features a fly with playing cards as it's wings and a menacing octopus. On the tuck case, the sticker seal also features the fly as seen on the Joker.

2021 Release

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