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Spirit II Green Gold Gilded Playing Cards USPCC

$29.99 USD
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Spirit II Green Gold Gilded Playing Cards USPCC

$29.99 USD

Spirit II Green Gold Gilded Playing Cards

Please note: Our remaining inventory  does not have a tuck seal but comes sealed.

If you enjoyed Spirit, you will love Spirit II (Gilded Edition). 

The most obscure and mystical edition with ONLY 350 printed. The tuck has been artfully cut to fully allow the gilded edges to shine through. 

Clean and pure, this restrained deck is perfect for elegant and different card tricks and magic effects. It includes all the extras in a luxury edition and ultra-limited print-run. 

Blackout Brother has done it again! Don't expect merely a recolored back but, instead, a whole new and elegant deck full of details and intricate designs. Following the spiritual feeling of the series, the new design includes fully customized backs, faces and pips with cool crossed keys indexes, and a mystical stained-glass background in the court cards. 

Remember, only 350 printed of each deck.

  • Artfully cut tuck box to fully allow the gilded edges shine through
  • Inner printing in tuck box
  • Gold foil and embossing in tuck box
  • Printed by USPCC
  • 100% custom deck
2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Daniel Costarell
The keys to a great deck

This is one of the finest decks of cards I've ever had the chance to behold, and quite frankly, I'm honored to have it in my collection. The beautiful metallic ink on the box is a beautiful start. The card backs feature a very ornate scrollwork design with keys at the center, the "key head" being a spade design. The card fronts have a standard white background, but are completely custom thru the deck, including the fonts, pips and the arrangement of the pips on the two thru ten cards. The index pips are nicely done, as the pip on each card is actually designed to be the head of a key. The court cards, while still symmetrical, feature more of a two dimensional "straight on" view as opposed to the standard profile view, and the background and border of the court cards features a sort of stained glass window design. All of the aces have a little bit of scrollwork, but the ace of spades is embellished over the top with an amazing design featuring two crossed keys at the center. The two full sized jokers are just as amazing, also featuring crossed keys, with one joker featuring a "mask of comedy" (of sorts), the other featuring a "mask of tragedy". With all due respect to an incredible ace of spades, the jokers, in my opinion, are reason alone to buy this deck. Here's some free advice to future artists and designers of playing cards: Crossed keys are ALWAYS a great design element!

Gilded luxury

These stunning decks have all the bells and whistles collectors love: embossed tuck boxes with foil accents, individually numbered seals, and fully customized artwork on every card, which is inspired by the mystical stained glass windows of ancient cathedrals. Gilded edges in gold and silver just add that final touch to the feel of true luxury.


Love the art

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