Sovereign Exquisite White Playing Cards USPCC

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Sovereign Exquisite White Playing Cards

The Sovereign is an homage to some of the most well-known Kings and Queens of the greatest European empires of all times. Sovereign reimagines the courts of a standard deck with illustrations that are gorgeous and colorful, with intricate details.

Sovereign, which is defined as:

Having supreme rank, power, or authority - supreme; preeminent; indisputable - greatest in degree; utmost or extreme - being above all others in character, importance, excellence.

Each one of the historical kings and queens depicted in this deck are a  shadow of what true sovereignty is meant to be.  Each one was flawed like us all, but were seen as divinely anointed. The kings and queens were honored as divinity itself. Birth right and elevation, great responsibility and power.

CARDS (Exquisite Edition)

  • Backs MetalLuxe™ Foil 
  • Poker Size
  • Air Cushion Embossed Card Finish
  • Premium Casino Grade Paper Stock
  • 56 completely custom playing cards (Each court, ace and joker cards will have original illustrations)

 TUCK CASE (Exquisite Edition)

  • A White card stock will be used for the material
  • Use of an Elegant Gold HOT FOIL STAMPING for the front of the box
  • The Tuck case will have strategic EMBOSSING 

What is MetalLuxe™?

It’s a proprietary technology that allows playing cards to carry a stamped metal application while keeping a long-lasting, playable, and extremely durable finish. This durable, high quality, premium application is achieved by first printing the card back, then applying a signature foil application. Then to ensure top quality, a customized coating for protection and durability is applied and then the Bicycle® brand classic Air-Cushion™ finish is applied.

2021 Release

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