Snowman Factory Playing Cards USPCC (With Special Sleeve)

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Snowman Factory Playing Cards

Please note: This deck does come with the outer mechanical tuck case offered in the original kickstarter campaign.

We all know that in real life, the snowman is a natural gift from nature. In fairy tales, the snowman used to be our reliable and loyal partner. What we don't know is that the snowman from the fairy tale is actually a robot produced by a factory in a different dimension. It is wrapped by the cold blue snow with a delicate mechanical body. We see that there are countless characters in the movies, like "Emotions" in "Brainstorm", controls it. From the overall style of the deck, the feeling of being a chilly temperament with a cute and fresh style of the portrayal all reveals the rethinking and exploration of familiar things.

The back of the card is a precision mechanical structure that spreads around the center of the snowflake pattern. This complex and symmetrical design style pays tribute to the most traditional classic back.
The suit and numerical value on the card is expressed by the mechanical parts of the snowman, and the elements of the snowman are reproduced by using the icy light blue and cold dark blue.
The court cards are portrayed by the employees from the Snowman factory. Like the gnomes in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, these snowmen have the important work of maintaining the normal operation of the factory. They have the clear division of labor, some with electric drills and some with Brushes, some holding hoes, glue... meticulously strictly control snowmen’s every procedure of the production.
As one of the important cards in the whole deck, Spades A is designed to look like an engine. The power from the layer dynamic furnace drives the machine and makes the mechanical snowman to be active in every fairy tale.
JOKER is the owner of the Snowman factory, the child's dream maker, Santa Claus. He uses his magic to create a small snowman's assistant in the factory and uses his magic pocket to spread happiness to children around the world.
As an excellent deck of playing cards, "Snowman Factory" should have the same quality as the USPCC. Snowman Factory satisfies all requirements for quality: printed by USPCC , Premium Stock selected, and air-cushion finish, all of which will make you feel the beauty and texture of life. You think that you have a collection of a deck, but it is actually a dream in your heart.
2018 Release

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