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Slow Hands Playing Cards USPCC

$14.99 USD
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Slow Hands Playing Cards USPCC

$14.99 USD

Slow Hands Playing Cards

SlowHands Playing Cards starters edition are cards made to pay homage to the humble beginnings of most card handlers. Based on the original Bicycle Rider Back, SlowHands takes us back to the beginning of one's journey into the world of shuffles, sleights, flourishes, and winning poker hands while still providing a fun, fresh take on a classic deck.

  • Created by Kier Gomes
  • Designed by Nick Nisco
  • Printed in the United States on premium paper
  • 2020 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
william ellington
SlowHands 4 LIFE

I actually got the v2 tortoise backs first and i liked them so much i had to get the v1! They are classic looking and feel great.. buttery even! I plan on collecting all the versions.. just like orbits at this point! Grab em !

Get your hands on this, quick!

Slow hands has an excellent "casino style" design perfect for gameplay and everyday usage. The versatility also extends to magic because it comes with double facer and duplicate card. The jokers also include a reveal joker. Manufactured by USPCC, you can expect the handling to be great. Definitely a great deck by Kier Gomes

Fun design and great feel.

These are my style of cards. Fun design but nothing that would capture too many eyes for tricks. They handle wonderful as well. Definitely recommend!

Wonderful deck

This is Kier Gomes first foray into creating his own playing cards, and along with co-creator Nick Nisco, they absolutely nailed it. The style is meant to be reminiscent of the standard Bicycle rider backs, and it is just that, while also being completely unique. They have a subtle one-way back, to help those of us beginning our journey into card magic. They come with two jokers featuring bicycles...not identical, because one features a three of clubs reveal, among the bicycle spokes. The desks come with 2 gaff cards: an extra card, and a double-facer. As far as handling, these are nice and snappy without being stiff, making for some nice and clean flourishes. It's a wonderful package, promised to be the first in a series taking us through the stages of becoming a magician, hence the 'Starter Edition' denotation. It really is a well-done deck, one that you will love whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Great Theme

I really enjoy the them of this deck. The snail and the slow hands title are both great work. Awesome design on the back and the tuck.

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