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Skull Head Coins

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Skull Head Coins

Skull Head Coins

Available in 5 versions, not sold as a set

Magicians always use the coin to make tricks or moves. The trick is definitely cool, however, the coin is not. Now, it's okay. We have SKULL COINS.

They are able to satisfy whatever you want.

- Rigorous workmanship

- Gorgeous patterns

- Feels likes silver

- Various sizes

SKULL COINS are supposed to be in every magician's pocket.  Also makes a great card cover coin or dealer button.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Such a cool conversation piece! Great weight and so close to the real thing!!

Mark James
JFK Half Dollar

Excellent with any Bobo moves. Really freaks out people.

Stephen Martin
Love these

I bought four of the Morgan's because I have a (small) collection of the real things. These coins are beautifully made and they weigh just about a gram more than the silver coins. They handle well for magic routines and I will be working with them for sure. My one complaint is that one coin had less antiquing and is therefore a bit brighter than the others. That will make it harder to pull off a switch, but for now I will work with it.

Great coins overall.

Captain Cam
Victoria Coin

I purchased the Victoria coin as it was the largest of the group, beating the others by a .5MM. I have been carrying the coin for a few days, I like the heft in my pocket. It has been added in my EDC coin rotation, and I will probably pick up a few of the other coins to supplement my collection,. I don’t do any fancy tricks with it, I really just use it as a coin flipper when I have a decision that I don’t want to waste to much time on and it is plenty good for that purpose. The quality is great, and I will carry this coin for many years to come.

Awesome Zombified Kennedy lol!

Very well made & have been made so that they seem a bit aged like older coins. The details are still very good also. I've got 4 of the Kennedy set & it's a perfect ending to any coin routine to unexpectedly turn each coin(s) into a Zombie head *but all the specific designs & details of the original U.S. coin are there as well!

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