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Sirocco Weathered Playing Cards

We’ve teamed up with author, illustrator, and brand designer Nathan Oser, who spent six months off the grid drawing inspiration from his own slice of coastal life, to create for you a deck that’s built on a dream and that started with a few burning questions: Why make a deck? To inspire. Inspire who? Anyone on a journey.

Imagine celebrities and movie stars at their European vacation villas. It seems like they’ve got it all. What deck of playing cards might a person like that bring to entertain guests on lakeside sojourns, to show off at sailing competitions, or to pass time on private cruises along the sun-kissed coast?

And how did those stars get to where they are? Well, sometimes the wind blows in your favor, sometimes it blows against, but either way it forces you to react in a way the can propel you toward, and even beyond, your goals. This idea was the Start/Finish Line for Sirocco.

The artwork of Sirocco is informed by classical themes and a Mediterranean aesthetic, but rendered in contemporary monoline style, which makes it all the more timeless and unforgettable.

2020 Release

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