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Silver Rider Back Bicycle Playing Cards

$4.99 USD
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Silver Rider Back Bicycle Playing Cards

$4.99 USD

Silver Rider Back Bicycle Playing Cards

  • Silver Backs printed with metallic ink
  • Standard card faces
  • 2 Jokers & 2 Gaff Cards
  • Made by United States Playing Card Company
  • Air Cushion Finish

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Better than expected;)

Most rider backs have 1 gaff card this silver deck actually has 2. Actually between the 2 gaffs they involve using 3 cards between them. They definitely are the same high quality as any standard rider backs

Silver Bicycle Deck

It's a good looking deck and a nice change for the regular Red and Blue. The addition of the gaff cards are a nice touch as well. Great to have as an addition to my collection.

Joshua Deneau
So much fun

The colored Rider Back decks are an obvious must have to any Bicycle collector. I've been focused on other decks, always Bicycle, but I'm starting to build the colored decks collection, so I bought these and the yellow ones and I'm very amused and it's always cool to see the Rider Back in other colors.

Mine came with three gaff cards, one blank face, one double backer and a green/red back.

Стандарт качества в новом цвете

Стандарт качества Bicycle Rider Back теперь в новом цвете ! В данный момент карты велосипед лучшие по соотношению цена / качество . Так что это хорошее решение выпускать много разных цветовых вариаций !

Neat deck!

This is a nice addition to my collection, just a standard Bicycle Rider Back deck in gray.

It's always a plus when they add one or two gaff cards. As they mentioned on the other reviews, I'm guessing they all come with a Queen of Hearts that fades to white from the middle of the card and a 6 of Diamonds printed over the 10 of Spades. If you do magic these can be used in a couple of tricks and you can easily find the routines if you search for tricks to do with a gaff deck.

If you're collecting all the Bicycle standard decks in different colors this one is a must.

Would recommend 5/5

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