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Shodu Playing Cards HCPC

$24.99 USD
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Shodu Playing Cards HCPC

$24.99 USD

This deck is the result of my love for Japanese culture and cardistry. Since I see cardistry as an art form, where you express yourself, I wanted to combine it with my other passion. That's how the idea for this deck was born. The result is a unique, yet simple deck of playing cards, made especially for cardists, but is also a great addition to collectors and magicians.

The design
The whole deck consist of only two colors. White and Dark Red, which complement eachother very nicely. There are two circles (Ens?) placed on the back and in the middle of them you can find the letter for happiness (?). Through history the circle motif has become a symbol for enlightenment, which to me, is at its core happiness itself.


  • Japanese numbers on the Faces
  • Half-bordered Backs AND Faces
  • Printed in Taiwan by Hanson Chien Production Company (HCPC)
  • Thin Luxury Stock
  • Royal Finish
  • Limited 1000 Decks Printed

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