Seers Aspectu Playing Cards USPCC

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Seers Aspectu Playing Cards

Meaning "to look" in Latin, we named this deck "Aspectu" because it truly draws the attention of spectators with its completely non-standard and eye-catching design. 

These cards are very minimal and distinctive on the back in order to look amazing in fans and displays, whilst also maintaining a logical style. We still have four amazing fans for you to look at and show off. 

Vibrant colors and a good feel are what make this deck perfect for cardistry. 

The tuck box reflects the style of the cards. We made sure we still have the three-box display, of the original seers. We like the tuck box because it highlights the minimalism and the color of the new deck. This adds a great level of consistency. 

- Printed by USPCC 
- Crushed stock 
- Limited to 2500 
- Air cushion finish

2019 Release