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Seekers Playing Cards USPCC

$17.99 USD
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Seekers Playing Cards USPCC

$17.99 USD

Seekers tells the story of two parallel worlds and the ongoing struggle for victory before our light is extinguished. These are represented by the torch on the Ace of Spades. Whether you seek adventure, fame, mastery, or love, we encourage you to play fair, take risks and bet big -- the winning hand is just an ante away. 

Conceptualized and illustrated by graphic designer, Billy French, each card was meticulously drawn with great detail. The court cards are completely custom, yet reminiscent of the traditional playing card design. We particularly like the juxtaposition of the undead red suits versus the living black suits. The back design features a familiar composition along with the Eye of Providence in the middle of two interlocked rings. These symbolize our connection with a greater power. 

Precisely printed by The United States Playing Card Company with our trademark thin stock, and a premium finish for superior handling. Packaged inside a letterpress-printed tuck case featuring gold metallic ink and white foil.

2017 Release.

Customer Reviews

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Strong design & style

A stunning tuck box, strongly designed cards and an excellent feel and finish. Billy French has accomplished a theme from start to finish, excellent graphics and real visual imagination. One small detail that catches my eye is what seems to be a larger-than-normal amount of space between the indices and the small indicator pip beneath, but I can't decide if that's unique or annoying.

My only qualms arise from personal taste; with so many possible themes available to the imagination, this is yet another dark/light, life/death, human/zombie binary variation, which is, in my opinion (and pardon the pun) being done to death.

Daniel Costarell
When worlds collide

This deck is what happens when parallel worlds collide. The deck starts off nice with a symmetrical back featuring diamonds at the corners, as well as a large center diamond, in which you could find what is reminiscent of a starry night sky, as well as interlocking rings containing the Eye of Providence. The card fronts are completely custom, as standard pips and fonts on a white background are featured all thru the deck. While the diamonds and hearts are a standard red, a nice midnight sky blue represents the spades and clubs. Every pip is embellished with a nice block work border pattern. The ace of spades presents just a touch of gold coloration as well, with a torch at the center of the spade. The story of this deck perhaps could be interpreted as "Be careful what you're looking for, you might find it"! Notice the court cards of the clubs and spades (as well as the blue joker), which are living humans. Now notice the court cards of the hearts and diamonds (as well as the red joker), which are ghastly, undead beings. The artwork on the court cards isn't my favorite, but it is nonetheless a very interesting deck with a great theme. I apologize for being picky and not enjoying the artwork, but it really is crucial in a custom deck, and although the theme was great, I just wasn't a fan of the art. If quarter and half stars were possible I'd give it a 3.75 rating, but I'm not that petty so as to round down. Four stars for a very nicely themed deck.

EndersGame Reviewer
An attractive deck telling the story of two parallel worlds

The Seekers deck tells the story about two parallel worlds, and the ongoing struggle for victory, represented by the torch on the elegant tuck box. Everything about the tuck box is classy, including the interior, which has gold metallic ink, and gives the impression of a starry night of darkness. The cards have a single blue coloured back design, with an economy of design that ensures that it is not too distracting for users of the deck, while at the same time not detracting from class and style.

The customized Ace of Spades matches the front of the tuck case. The indices of this deck are very clear, while the pips are all exquisitely customised, contributing to a sense of something original and stylish. The court cards of the Hearts and Diamonds depict undead characters, which are juxtaposed against the living characters on the Clubs and Spades. The two Jokers are a living blue wizard and an undead red wizard, which fits well with the rest of the theme of the deck.

These cards have been printed on a crushed stock by the USPCC, and handle amazingly, like all Art of Play’s decks. The crushed stock means the cards are softer than usual and are ready to use right out of the box, whether for games, magic or card flourishing, all of which this deck is great for. The artwork is amazing and well-thought out, well worth looking at and enjoying, making this deck ideal for the collector, or the magician or cardist. - BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame

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