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Salt & Bone Playing Cards Cartamundi

$9.99 USD
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Salt & Bone Playing Cards Cartamundi

$9.99 USD

Salt & Bone Playing Cards

"I am a man of fortune and must seek my fortune" - Cpt. Henry Every
Stolen from the shipwreck aground the piping hot sands of tortuga beach, these are salt and bone playing cards as a pirate does, it's time to take what's yours.
Inspired by the life and crimes of Captain H. Every, the man behind the biggest heist in history, this deck celebrates bad intentions by becoming the lost bounty.
Pirate Captain Henry Every and his crew pulled the biggest heist in history, before disappearing with his ill-gotten gains. Nothing was ever recovered...
Aboard the bone white tuck you will see an imperfect paper grain reserved for rich man and cunning thieves. Completed with black and red foil that adds the smoothness of a calm ocean day.
With all custom pips that twist and snake you towards the treasure, and court cards that contain the sigils of the most infamous pirates to ever live.
Like the Captains garbs, these cards have a true linen finish and the B9 stock is layered with an antique black patina... the first of it's kind.

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!

Salt & Bone cards are an excellent pirate themed art and novelty deck. At the time, this deck also featured a treasure hunt of sorts which used various clues and context from the cards and the tuck. I, personally, love the themes and art, and to be honest, I'm a sucker for the aged look on the black background of the card. The back design is beautiful and produces a pretty cool fan, and the faces are clearly custom toward the pirate theme. As previously mentioned, there are also included a set of map cards which contribute to the treasure hunt. Even outside of the puzzle, they are pretty cool additions to a playing card deck.

Some of my favorite cards

These cards are amazing. I love the back design and the unique pip layouts are really cool. The face cards featuring the sigils of famous pirates is a genius idea. Then to top it off, the deck has some hidden secrets to find.

These Rrrr Gorgeous

Fun design with cool secrets to be discovered. People literally thumb through every single card when I hand them the deck.

Spend your doubloons on these carrrrrds

Everything about this deck is awesome! The box has top notch material, designs, and details all around. The famous pirate flags are cool (and educational), and the pip layouts are aesthetically very pleasing. This deck is one of my favorites and features prominently in my collection display.

Love this deck

Love the theme, color, and quality of this deck. The card stock seems to be a bit on the thicker side, and handles really well. The pirate symbols on the court cards is a really unique touch.

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