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Run Bankroll Playing Cards Deck USPCC

$49.99 USD
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Run Bankroll Playing Cards Deck USPCC

$49.99 USD

 It's a sin to let a sucker keep his money. So, leave honor in your rear view mirror, because only two things matter in this world... this score, and surviving it. Run Playing Cards embraces nerves of steel and a clean getaway into a superior deck of cards, with a rebellious attitude. 

Created & designed by acclaimed playing cards producer, Jason Brumbalow, the value and quality of the Run Playing Cards is unparalleled in its class. With a true survivor's attitude, this deck reveals its authentic, underground gambling roots in every inch of detail. 

Raw, unruly attitude meets new-school design. Defiantly decked in gold foil from front to back, a bold design that drives home the pure essence of the hit and run survivor. The first deck in its class to come equipped with a hardened, protective, custom card case that's styled to perfection to achieve a raw, custom look. 

This first, exclusive series of Run Playing Cards will come in 3 variations with the hardened case cover:

Run: Standard Edition - Gamblers Green and Gold (limited to 15,000 decks)  

Run: Heat Edition - Crimson and Chrome (limited to 10,000 decks) 

Run: Bankroll Edition - Black and Red (limited to 5,000 decks) 

Please note bankroll edition of the deck no longer includes the extra protective case. This was discontinued by the manufacturer.

Born from the quality and proven reliability that you can expect from the US Playing card company, Run has a slipstream glide which provides an unmatched, responsive feel and is just plain durable as hell. 

Let your chips fall where they may, but know where the exits are, because after the score, there's only one thing to do..... 

Cards Created & Designed by Jason Brumbalow
Illustrated by Chris Yoon 

DID YOU KNOW?: Every deck of Run Playing Card includes 2 gaffed cards that allow you do amazing gambling demonstrations, proposition bets and many more devious routines. To get the most use out of your gaffed cards, these hustles are taught in detail through a secret URL link on the inside flap of each deck.

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