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Royal Mischief Gilded Transformation Playing Cards USGS

$9.99 USD
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Royal Mischief Gilded Transformation Playing Cards USGS

$9.99 USD

Royal Mischief Gilded Transformation Playing Cards

A June 2019 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here

This delightfully wicked playing card deck presents devilish boys and ghouls and all manners of ghastly creatures.  Inspired by vintage transformational decks, Royal Mischief’s suit marks are mischievously hidden in the aberrant artwork by infamous tarot artist Patrick Valenza. The sepia-toned poker deck features graphite gilded edges to complement the hand-drawn pencil artwork. 54-card deck includes two naughty Jokers and comes in a substantial two-piece box, perfect for giving as a gift to frenemies. Warning: Not for sensitive souls and delicate dispositions—this little deck bites!

Published by US Games Systems.

2019 Release

Customer Reviews

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Love this old pattern

Artwork is Beautiful, Handling is Horrible

There is no doubt these cards are a work of art, but the fact that they are plastic with shiny edges makes it a deceptive gilded deck. You get what you pay for is a very good quote to use here.

Awesome Transformational Cards

This is first and foremost the a great deck for collectors. The details into the design of the cards are stellar. The art style is a caricature-esque style of a dark and morbid theming. I like the way they integrate the pips into the artwork and it showcases it very well. That being said, the handling is the biggest drawback. It is clear that the cards do NOT handle well. It makes sense since transformational cards are usually for collectors and don't have too many uses. The cards would have been perfect if manufactured by USPCC. Overall, if you're into collectors cards, this is a must own!

Shannon Horst
Simply Beautiful

I'm relativly new to card collecting. I have a collection of about 12 decks and it holds a place of prominance. The artistry of this deck is simply beautiful! Each card is a work of art on its own. When I first opened the deck, I was skeptical because the card's texture was not what I was expecting. They are high gloss and generally I perfer a matte finish. But after I handled the cards and spent sometime pouring over them, I can say these are indeed 5-STAR cards!

Chris Clark
This deck is fantastic!

I'm new to card deck collecting but already recognize how truly special this one is. The unique imagery on every card is amazing and I have spent plenty of time looking at each one. One of my favorite cards to play is the Four of Clubs, also sometimes known as the Devil's Bedpost. Low and behold, there he was taking a nap on that very card. Not sure if I will ever actually play a game with them but they are my favorites.

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