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Royal Air Force Playing Cards Piatnik

$7.99 USD
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Royal Air Force Playing Cards Piatnik

$7.99 USD

Royal Air Force Playing Cards

A celebration of 100 years of The Royal Airforce, and of the aircraft, commanders and crews who triumphed in war. From the gallant aviators of 1918 to today's guardians of the peace, we honour thos that have flown "through adversity to the stars" in defence of freedom.
  • Piatnik branded playing cards
  • Presented in a durable box
  • Ideal for collectors
  • Includes 54 unique card designs
  • Single pack of 52 cards and 2 jokers
  • Made in Austria
  • Poker Size
Piatnik have been making the finest quality playing cards since 1824. Their superior standard make these playing cards a favorite in the market, and the single packs with unique classic and historic designs on each card are ideal for collectors and gifts.

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