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Robin Hood Playing Cards EPCC

$19.99 USD
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Robin Hood Playing Cards EPCC

$19.99 USD

Robin Hood Playing Cards

The legend is alive with the Robin Hood Playing Cards!

The unique artistic style achieved with the Robin Hood playing cards took heavy inspiration from the Bayeux Tapestry - a French tapestry from around 1066. If you look closely at each card, you'll find that designer Jackson Robinson drew every stitch by hand to create this incredible display of artistic achievement.

The tuck case was intricately designed to resemble an ancient book, including life-like features to resemble canvas and leather design-work, a book spine, frayed paper edges and finished with realistic wear-n-tear details.

The diptych jokers from the Robin Hood deck show the legendary first encounter of Robin Hood and Little John.

"The stranger gave Robin a knock on the crown,
Which caused the blood to appear,
Then Robin enraged, more fiercely engaged,
And followed with blows more severe.
So thick and fast did he lay it on him,
With a passionate fury and ire,
At every stroke he made him to smoke,
As if he had been all on fire."

Customer Reviews

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Amazing piece of art

These cards are amazing both in their feeling and their art. The tuck box is designed like a mini book and it looks superb. Each of the cards is unique and interesting. The one issue I have is that the custom tuck box means that it cannot fit in my playing card display.


Like the Arthurian deck, these are very very glossy and slippery, and they also have a tendency to warp a little bit; but since I don't intend to use them for anything super physical, I don't mind that. The art is wonderful (and inspires me to do more surface embroidery), and I especially like the side-opening box.

Elizabeth Pernille Nissen

Conceptually, this is a wonderful deck and one of my favorite of the KWP's "literary" decks. Love the tapestry reference and tuck

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