Reverie Bicycle Playing Cards 2 Deck Set

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The main inspiration for this release came from a form of Chinese Opera, Kunqu (昆曲). The name of this deck, Reverie(游园惊梦), came from a piece of traditional Chinese tragicomedy play named The Peony Pavilion(牡丹亭).  It was written in 1598 and has been one of the most renounced pieces of Kunqu opera in Chinese culture.  The Opera tells a love story between Du Liniang and Liu Mengmei. They overcome all difficulties, transcend time and space, life and death, and finally be together.  

In these decks, you will find a wide range of characters; they range from student and dancer to even assassin and emperor. The whole decks, especially the 4 Aces, are incorporated with elements of traditional ink wash painting(水墨画). There are 2 entirely different card backs with this release. The colorful back of regular Reverie playing cards depicts various Chinese elements such as fan and silk, while that of the marked version is simpler and in my opinion more elegant.

  • 2500 decks limited edition printed by USPCC
  • Bicycle branded
  • Premium paper stock and thin crushed finish for the best handling
  • 100% customized
  • Numbered Tuck Seals
  • 1 of the decks is marked
  • 2019 Release

Differences Between The Decks

  • The tuck of the marked version portraits a snowy scene, while that of the regular Reverie is more of a clear sky.
  • The back of the tuck of the marked version is a portrait of a girl, while that of the regular Reverie is the same of the back of the cards.
  • Two backs are completely different.
  • The background color of the faces of the marked version is white, or unmodified, while that of the regular Reverie has a tint of old Chinese blue/green.
  • The face cards of the marked version are arranged symmetrically like classic poker cards, while that of the regular Reverie are asymmetrical.

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