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Remedies Playing Cards USPCC

$17.99 USD
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Remedies Playing Cards USPCC

$17.99 USD

Remedies Playing Cards

It's time to celebrate the USPCC comeback of Daniel Madison. The series of some of the most iconic playing cards continue with the Madison x Schneider Remedies. A reminiscence to the beginning of custom playing cards with a modern twist.

The new look and feel runs through the entire deck. Improved custom pips and indices, new custom faces and details on the Court cards. Daniel Schneider also redesigned Daniel Madison's iconic King of Diamonds that you see from now on in every new Madison deck.

Packed with hidden secrets and built-in magic tricks, including an Angle Zero gaff and a series of brand new hidden revelations with an incredible quality of stock (and traditionally cut). Madison and Schneider are so proud to present this minimally wonderful weapon of deception.

  • Manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company
  • Printed on premium (Bee) crushed paper stock
  • Traditionally cut
  • Custom front and back
  • Angle Zero gaff
  • Hidden revelations for your magic routines
  • 2020 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Absolute Favourite

This deck holds a lot of secret, that is why it’s perfect for magicians. Secret card reveals, gaff cards, double King of Diamond, and on every single custom court card, there is a magicians face. Very good handling, perfect for amything. My favourite deck of All Time! Love it!

It's Worth it!

I understand why some may feel a particular way about this deck, but I definitely think that this deck is worth it, especially if you're a magician. I'll start off with the handling because I feel it's pretty key. The handling is fantastic, I'm able to faro with no problems as well as shuffle and cut with ease. The back design is simple and not too distracting. I do enjoy the custom court cards of the deck, particularly the 2 King of diamonds the deck comes with. There aren't duplicates though because 1 King of diamonds is Daniel Madison and the other is Daniel Schneider, both with different card reveals. Speaking of magic qualities, there are many: the aforementioned king of diamond reveals, the joker reveal, queen of spade reveal, and the angle z gaff that is sure to be utilized by magicians that enjoy that type of magic. Overall a great deck geared towards magicians.

robert simnick
Ok deck

Nice simple back design. Slick USPCC cards. Some custom courts. Deck leaves a little to be desired and comes with a premium for the MD name but overall still worth under $20.

Great deck

The back is so elegant and minimalistic, love it. I've spent some time to discover all the secrets in this deck. So many great hidden reveals.

Not as great

I was hoping to really like this deck. I just didn't love the back design. High price for the design and tuck.

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