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Bicycle Stripper Deck Playing Cards

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Bicycle Stripper Deck Playing Cards

Bicycle Stripper Deck Playing Cards

Available in blue and red, not sold as a set

Easy To DO!
No Sleight Of Hand Required!

An amazing deck of Bicycle cards that allows you to do a multitude of miracles - yet is EASY TO DO. 


  • passing the deck of cards out for examination yet having uncanny control over selected cards shuffled into the deck
  • making selected cards appear on the top of the deck like true magic
  • instantly producing the four aces 
or, many, many other uses.

Online PDF instructions available on request.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Echo Mirage
Great and fun

There are a lot of great tricks you can do with this deck that aren't otherwise possible. What's great is that it's a standard deck that can probably stand up to inspection, as the taper is subtle enough that it's only obvious when cards are turned the opposite way.

Robert Smith
Familiar yet different

The fact that these are bicycle brand cards disarms the mark. If you only have one "trick deck" this is the one to have.

Michael Guenoun

Amazing playing cards by bicycle! the design is cool and the cards handle like a dream. Highly highly recommend!

Great first gaff deck.

This was the first gaff deck I've ever purchased/used. Looks like a regular Bicycle deck, the spectator can choose any card and it's easy to pull that card out again. Just get good at the Hindu shuffle so you can do it naturally and control the card to wherever you want in the deck.

Echo Mirage

I almost always prefer skill-based tricks over gimmicks, but it's so fun and easy to get some great effects with these. People's minds are usually blown because they can inspect the deck without noticing anything amiss, but when cards are oriented backwards they're easy to grab. One of my favorites is to give the deck a few fair (but backwards) shuffles, show how mixed up they are, and then instantly separate reds and blacks.

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