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Reading Fortune Telling Cards Deck & Book Set USGS

$22.99 USD
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Reading Fortune Telling Cards Deck & Book Set USGS

$22.99 USD

Reading Fortune Telling Cards Deck & Book Set

This unique set includes the new 128-page illustrated book Reading Fortune Telling Cards: A Romani Approach and the popular 55-card deck Gypsy Witch® Fortune Telling Playing Cards. The comprehensive book traces the fascinating history of the Romani cartomancy tradition. Detailed instruction is given for simple and complex spreads, including the Grand Tableau. Together the deck and book provide a wealth of information for all levels of readers.

Weight 1.05 lb(s)
ISBN 978-1-64671-049-2
Size Box measures 5” x 7”; 55 cards measure 2.5” x 3.5”
Language EN
Author Fabio Vinago

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