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Ravn v3 Playing Cards Cartamundi

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Ravn v3 Playing Cards Cartamundi

Ravn v3 Playing Cards

Available in 3 colors, not sold as a set.

Ravn Playing Cards are back! With a new design! 

A custom-designed deck of playing cards designed by Stockholm17 for Caroline Ravn, magician. We teamed up for the 3rd time to deliver an elegant and classic looking deck of playing cards, with improved Courts and standard faces. 

New tuck box design, new Jokers and Ace of Spades. 

This deck is perfect to perform magic tricks, cardistry, and of course to play at the green table. 

The deck is printed by Cartamundi on a special paper stock with specific varnish designed for better handling and durability. 

56 cards printed on Cambric 310gr Black Core paper with 9C² varnish. 

Ok, but what is this Cambric paper? 

In 2016, Cartamundi introduced this paper stock and varnish and we loved it. It is the same paper stock and finish used for Ravn Purple Haze, produced in 2017. 

    • 52 standard faces with custom Ace of Spades.
    • 2 custom Jokers, new and with reveal card.
    • 2 gaff cards: Jack of Clubs/10 of Hearts and double backer.
    • The look of the 12 Court cards has been improved. The faces of the Jacks, Queens and Kings look better, and their hands have been redrawn as well.
    • The tuck box is printed by Oath Playing Cards and is made with Soft Touch paper and features embossing and foiling.
    • Tuck box and cards are cello-wrapped.

    2019 Release


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Love Cartamundi's C9 finish

    This is one of a very small number of decks that uses the C9 finish from Cartamundi, another deck with this finish being the Cardistry Touch (e.g. Pulse) decks. It isn't as thick as Cartamundi's True Linen B9 finish, and it has a more traditional embossing pattern. But it's also not as thin as the new E7 decks from Cartamundi, and is more comparable to a Bicycle air cushion finish, although it doesn't faro quite as well. But the stock is significantly more expensive than the True Linen finish stock, and I do prefer it. The design is from Stockholm17, and I love his work, so this deck is no exception. Very pleased.

    Greg Kipp
    Smooth as butter

    These decks may be the slickest I have ever handled. The new 9C2 finish is simply amazing. My fans actually look like I know what I'm doing. Lorenzo keeps producing amazing art. Keep it up!

    Terry McGhee
    6 Stars! I need to give these 6 stars!

    these cards are some of the best I have ever owned. I love the updated courts while still maintaining a mostly traditional look and feel. The tuck cases are gorgeous even if the Sol and Mani deck is hard to tell apart in a dimly lit room.
    Perfect for performing magic or playing poker.

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