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Ravn Purple Haze Playing Cards Cartamundi

$17.99 USD
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Ravn Purple Haze Playing Cards Cartamundi

$17.99 USD

Ravn is back, in purple! A custom-designed deck of poker-size playing cards designed by Stockholm17 for Caroline Ravn magician. They teamed up to deliver an elegant and classic looking deck of playing cards, with improved courts and standard faces. Perfect to perform magic tricks, cardistry, and of course to play at the green table. 

The deck is by Cartamundi on a special paper stock with specific varnish designed for better handling and durability. 

56 Cards printed on Cambric 310gr Black Core paper with 9C² varnish. 

Ok, but what is this? 

In 2016 Cartamundi manufactured a special deck that was presented at the Cardistry-Con, in Berlin. They focused on the paper and the varnish, not just the graphics. Cartamundi is stepping in with this amazing paper stock and finish that is smooth and durable, specifically designed for cardists. 

This deck features 56 cards:

  • 52 standard faces with improved courts (JQK) and custom Ace of Spades.
  • 2 custom Jokers
  • Gaff card: duplicate card (7 of diamonds)
  • Gaff card: double backer

The look of the 12 court cards has been improved. The faces of the Jacks, Queens and Kings look better, and their hands have been redrawn as well. 

The 2 Jokers are similar to the first version of Ravn, but with a twist. 

The back-side design is the same as the previous version, just a different color. 

Tuckbox: Star-Dream Opal paper -- that name is pretty fancy, isn't it? Well, the first Ravn has been printed on Natural Pearl paper by USPCC. Cartamundi provides Star-Dream Opal 285gr paper, and of course it will have the embossed graphics. The embossed features make it quite elegant! 

The design of the tuck-box is the same, so it matches the first version. 

This is a deck you'll be proud to own.

2017 Release.

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