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Queens Playing Cards EPCC

$9.99 USD
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Queens Playing Cards EPCC

$9.99 USD

Queens Playing Cards

With enough blood and sweat, even the simplest Pawn can become the most powerful piece on the board. The Queens Playing Cards embraces the inner fire and unrelenting drive of those brave enough to chase their passions. It speaks to the underdog who dares to defy the doubters with 10,000 hours of unbridled focus. It stands for those who realize that the most powerful piece is always the one they never see coming. 

Produced by renowned playing card creator, Jason Brumbalow, and masterfully crafted by Expert Playing Card Company, the Queens Playing Cards features a sleek slipstream finish that provides an unparalleled glide and durability that can withstand the tireless pursuit of perfection. 

The Queens Playing Cards is an infusion of classical iconography, bold modern design, and unchecked passion, created for the underdog whose raw talents and have yet to be realized. 

Why should you fear the underdog? Because outthinking them only makes them smarter. 

Because beating them only makes them work harder. Because the most powerful piece is the one they never see coming. 

It's time to make your move with the Queens Playing Cards.

2017 Release.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Martin Sloot

I purchased this playing card deck because I loved the chess theming, and although the card box and card backs are lovely with their metallic foil finish, the cards themselves are quite ugly. There is a glaring difference between the font of the black-suited cards and the red-suited ones, as though they had come from two different decks.The court cards have a garish red and yellow color scheme that is unatrractive and the chess theme isn't included in any of these cards. I also wish that the finish of the cards were differently textured; they feel really slippery when shuffling and dealing. I'm giving it two stars, because it is at least functional, just not one I'll be wanting to play with anytime soon.

chris kinkead

the courts on these are great. the back design is modern. great cards!

Sarah J

These cards are absolutely amazing! The silver colors on the face cards is super beautiful and I absolutely love it. Large pips make the cards easy to read, and the back designs are wonderful as well! Love this!

Amazing Silver Embellishments

The Queens Playing Cards printed at EPCC has one of my favorite tuck cases and the card design is highlighted with the silver tone.


Card quality, the silver embellishments, the tuck case - another deck that just has it all. These are beautifully rendered, fine cards. Love them!

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