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Queen Bee Reloads (No Box) Playing Cards Cartamundi

$5.99 USD
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Queen Bee Reloads (No Box) Playing Cards Cartamundi

$5.99 USD

Queen Bee Reloads (No Box) Playing Cards

*No Tuck? No Problem* Reloads are an Ellusionist innovation. It's just the cards. Suitable for power users, not collectors.

Often the tuck box is the most expensive part to produce. So making these without the box means we can pass that saving onto you.

The decks arrive in pristine condition in sealed shrink-wrapped plastic.

The Queen Bee is the matriarch of the hive. Worshipped by the entire colony and fiercely protected.

After making hugely popular Killer Bee and Super Bee designs in the past, we knew there was only one more level that remained unexplored... The revered monarch herself - the Queen Bee.

Unlike our Killer and Super Bee decks, which feature a faint white halo around the deck's edge - Queen Bees have no border. The Queens spill over the edge in their glorious abundance.

The design is a classic of borderless decks, repeating into infinity with bees that fly in opposing directions.

There is but one break in this rule, the yellow bee that stands out in the top left and top right corner. It accents the design and creates a focal point for your eyes.

This little splash of yellow in a sea of black looks stunning in fans and spreads, allowing the minimal design to feel more 3-dimensional.

The white faces display custom pips that hold a sinister simplicity.

Each pip is arranged in a completely custom way, with a hidden hive represented in 1 pip of each number card.

This subtle hint is to compliment the Queen's geometric styling.

llusionist was one of the first major producers to start printing with Cartamundi in Belgium.

During that initial courtship, we asked for only one thing. A slimmer, durable stock to match their already superior printing techniques.

They worked hard to create E7 stock and it was launched with our Blue Cohorts playing cards 2 years ago. The deck credited by many, for switching their allegiance from USPCC to Cartamundi decks.

Queen Bees have this very same stock, the stock we believe is the best for magic, gambling, and card handling in general. Nothing feels better.

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