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Provision Playing Cards USPCC

$12.95 USD
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Provision Playing Cards USPCC

$12.95 USD

Provision Playing Cards

It's been called the birthplace of America. Dating back to 1682, Philadelphia is a city with a history and culture unlike any other. Provision Playing Cards is a monument to the city's historic past and a tribute to its present. 

Illustrated by hand in Philadelphia, Provision Playing Cards is 100% Made in America. Every aspect of the design was created from scratch - from the Court cards to the Aces, packaging, and vintage tax stamp seal. Even the inside of the box shines with gold foil. 

Provision Playing Cards is VIBRANT - with a fiery shade of ember red on the back design that demands your attention. 

For the first time ever, theory11 used an ivory-tone, off-white playing card stock, which creates a vintage look and timeless, unique aesthetic. It's subtle - but the feel and finish are absolutely flawless. 

Produced by theory11. Designed by True Hand Society. Made in America at The United States Playing Card Company.

2019 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jeff Curtiss

I like these so much, I have two decks now!

Adam Ruiz
Our Go-To Rummy Deck

My wife and I love this deck. We play rummy and hold em, and this is our go-to for rummy as we prefer traditional court cards for hold em. That being said, the reds in the deck are a bit more subdued than I'd prefer (on the back and in the actual designs), if they'd gone with a brighter or darker red I feel it would have popped more; but I guess in going with a dulled red like that, it looks older. Everything else about the deck is on point. I love the tuck case, I love the court cards. I even love that the suits are just a tad stylistic; on that note though, the clubs and the spades are actually VERY similar, so be careful for that.

Love the deck, would definitely buy again. Will likely buy a back up.

Pleasant surprise

I was pleasantly surprised by this deck. I'm always looking for an excuse to get something new and I always passed on these because, in my opinion, the box doesn't look great.

Mr. Opps
My Favorite Deck

I started collecting playing cards about two years ago, and these were one of my first finds. They're still my favorites after all this time.

Easily the best Theory 11 design, Provisions are custom in every way and feel more premium than their price tag would lead you to expect. The stock and feel is pretty standard for USPCC, and they are pretty great in your hands. Everything is custom, including faces and pips. The faces are completely unique illustrations, rather than playing on the standard courts. The backs are relatively simple for a Theory 11 design, but that's not a bad thing.

The tuckbox is much less flashy than most T11 designs too, but I kind of appreciate it even more for that. I don't feel bad throwing a deck into my backpack or pocket for fear of the cards/box getting destroyed with this mostly-matte finish.

You won't regret getting these.

Great Deck for the Game of Hearts

This is a wonderful deck to play the Game of Hearts with. The coloration of the deck fits right in. The deck handles well and shuffles well.

Once a week, we turn off the TV and all get together for a game of Hearts. Everyone drink ice tea/liquor if so inclined, and play Hearts. We also make our own Pizza. The Pizza you buy commercially “throw out the Pizza and eat the box”; it’s nasty. One more scam on the America Public.

Playing a Card game is much better experience for your family than watching TV. On TV everyone is rich, lives in a flashy home, all are good looking, and all wear designer clothing. It all a Lie………

The average American is exposed to over 200 lies a day through mass media, Ads, etc……...

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