Prism Night v2 Playing Cards Deck LPCC

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Prism Night v2 Playing Cards

Prism: Night will is printed by Legends Playing Card Company (LPCC), using their Diamond finish on casino grade black core imported paper stock. The box comes with 54 standard poker sized playing cards. 

LPCC produces the highest class of playing cards due to their innovation and attention to detail with exceptional durability, ultra-precise printing registration, and the ‘glass like’ edges of their signature ‘Diamond Cut’ process. 

The aces have retained their traditional forms, but each one has a different radial focal point which highlights their form. 

The court cards have been designed to be reminiscent of traditional form while still being unique. The warm light radiates out from their objects, illuminating every detail of their specially crafted forms. 

The Jokers were uniquely designed to be the ultimate expression of prismatic reflective light. 4 rays of light; shining from a singularity and reflecting off one edge revealing the color below gives perfect finale to the theme of the deck.

The card back is a true 2-way image, combining the bold radial lines with the beauty of light reflecting through a prism. The backs are printed without the special gloss layer to maximize ease of shuffling, dealing and cardistry. The hypnotic pattern looks great in fans and flourishes! 

 The Prism ‘Night’ deck comes packaged in a predominantly black tuckbox with intricate textured high gloss regions accentuating the radial light. This is the same shiny smooth gloss ink as the card faces, so you can feel the patterned design under your fingers. 

Please note: Our current stock of this deck does not have a tuck seal.


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