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Prism Dusk Playing Cards LPCC

$9.99 USD
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Prism Dusk Playing Cards LPCC

$9.99 USD

Prism Dusk Playing Cards

Prism: Dusk Playing Cards is a beautiful and colorful creation featuring UV gloss ink on the card faces. This is not a just shinier card stock; it is an extra layer of gloss printed on the cards to create a unique finish. This gloss is different from the one MPC uses on their 'impressions' decks - it is true UV gloss that is neat, highly reflective and has a slight rainbow shine to it that really catches the eye. 

Prism: Dusk Playing Cards features:

  • Printed with Legends Playing Card Company on their Diamond Finish
  • Incredible Prismatic tuckbox which shines with different colors from different angles!
  • 54 Custom and Unique playing cards, each with a world-first gloss layer
  • Unique full-bleed starry back design
  • Custom holographic deck seal
The limited-edition Prism: Dusk tuckbox features shiny and colorful prismatic paper that gives an incredible rainbow shine - the perfect centerpiece for the Prism trilogy! 

The Prism: Dusk card back is designed to capture the darkening tones of a clear sunset with the dying sun in the center, fading to deep blue and ultimately inky black scattered with stars. This full-bleed back is absolutely stunning! 

All the cards in the Prism decks are fully custom. In the Prism: Dusk deck, the suit markers (pips) on the front are set in a dark evening sky filled with rainbow stars. 

The court cards also match the glossy themes and are custom to the Prism trilogy. 

The Jokers are just as beautiful; radials of rainbow light refracting through a prism and converging to embody the essence of the deck! 

You will be thrilled to use this beautiful deck of cards!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great Deck

I do enjoy this deck because it definitely stands out in its unique art style. Although it doesn't handle quite as well as I'm used to, I love the full bleed borderless design of both the backs and faces of the designs of the cards. Believe it or not the cards have a one way design. This is evident in looking at the colors of the "rays of light." Although probably done for aesthetic purposes, it's still a nice touch to the cards.

Sparkling deck that have absolutely gorgeous back and front design

This deck really surprised me. I bought both the Prism Night and Dusk deck at the same time. I am a tad disappointed with the Night deck, but this Dusk deck gives me a pleasant surprise! First of all, the colours of the highlights contrast very well against its background so the overall colour scheme on this deck is very outstanding. The back when fanned, translate a sunset look and even when the front is fanned also gives the same sunset feel. That is really a nice pleasant surprise. I haven't seen a deck that has similar back and front. The cards when spread, look like Ia beautiful landscape with the sunset in the horizon!

The whole card itself is full of colour yet this does not hinder the handling. The handling is very good and definitely better than the Night deck. This has become one of my favourite deck and I have went back and get more of these! Highly recommended.

EndersGame Reviewer
Third deck in the Prism series

This is the third member of the Prism series from Ben Jones, and has a number of striking elements that make it unique and stand apart from the previous two decks. First of all, it has a unique styled tuck box made out of shiny iridescent card stock that reflects the light in altogether memorable way. One of the most striking features of the cards themselves are the borderless card backs, which have a beautiful full-bleed design of a gorgeous starry sky. It's intended to capture the feel of a sunset, with a sun slowly disappearing behind the horizon, and early evening stars beginning to make their appearance in the darkening night sky of dusk. The court cards are a similar style to the Day deck, but the blue and orange make an even more striking appearance against the backdrop of dusk's sunset colours. The face of the cards features the same design of a darkening sky at dusk, which is borrowed from the card backs. The pips themselves contribute to the stars that emerge from the growing darkness. Prism Dusk is truly a stunning deck, and probably my favourite of the lot!

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