Pr1me Arte Playing Cards Deck

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Pr1me Arte is inspired by some of the greatest masters of painting, ARTE is a tribute to those geniuses. Aces and court cards show how classic artists like Manet, Caravaggio or Picasso would interpret each card and the numbered cards are standard. Custom seal. 


  • Ace of clubs: Inspired by Klimt


  • King of clubs: Inspired by Tiffany


  • Queen of clubs: Inspired by Mucha


  • Jack of clubs: Inspired by De Lempicka



  • Ace of spades: Inspired by Manet


  • King of spades: Inspired by Van Gogh


  • Queen of spades: Inspired by Gauguin


  • Jack of spades: Inspired by Munch



  • Ace of diamonds: Inspired by Dalì


  • King of diamonds: Inspired by Kandinsky


  • Queen of diamonds: Inspired by Picasso


  • Jack of diamonds: Inspired by Magritte



  • Ace of hearts: Inspired by Caravaggio


  • King of hearts: Inspired by Raffaello


  • Queen of hearts: Inspired by Botticelli


  • Jack of hearts: Inspired by Michelangelo



  • The Jokers: Inspired by Magrà (Massimo Gramiccioni)



  • The Backs: Inspired by Da Vinci

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