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Phoenix Back Stripper (Tapered) Playing Cards USPCC

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Phoenix Back Stripper (Tapered) Playing Cards USPCC

Phoenix Back Stripper (Tapered) Playing Cards

Comes in regular card case. Available in Blue and Red. Large Index for easy viewing!
Ask anyone who has seen it!! Without a doubt, this is the BEST Phoenix Stripper Deck on the market!! 

Effect: A card is selected and returned to the deck. The magician even lets the spectator shuffle the deck, completely losing their card in the middle of the pack. The deck is then returned to the magician who cuts the cards one time and the selected card magically rises to the top of the deck. 

Card-Shark is proud to release its Poker size "Casino Quality" Stripper Deck. These decks are produced by the US Playing Card Company; printed and die cut to their highest quality level. To top that, we even altered the back design by tilting it in proportion to the "Stripper Cut." This keeps the white border at an even measurement the full circumference of the card. No more telltale "thin" border areas. 

Also, because of the "Casino Quality," you can perform effects like "Triumph" without sleights. Truly, this deck must be handled to be appreciated!! 

Many other effects are possible with this Casino quality deck. It gives you total control of any chosen card or several cards at the same time. An absolute "must have" for your Card Magic Arsenal.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael G.
Great Stripper Deck

I ordered this Deck in Red. When the Blue is available I will purchase that deck as well. I guess that tells you how much I love this red deck. I own two Bicycle Stripper Decks. Also different colors. Now I must say that I love the Bicycle brand in every way. However something I found very Interesting. I compared the two cards,side by side. If you look closely at the Bicycle card you can see a difference on the sides of the card. Now someone who doesn't have a clue about Stripper decks, would not notice anything. So the Phoenix deck is so suttle, I could hardly notice anything. Beyond that they feel great and handle well. Also feel kind of broken in already. Great Five Job, Phoenix. I highly recommend this deck. You will not be disappointed.

Paul Syros
Phoenix cards are the best

Like in another review I like to get cards in groups that all handle well. Phoenix falls under this category. Smooth fanning, able to mix the trick decks with the regular decks. Fits all my needs

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