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Phoenix Back Gaff Playing Cards USPCC

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Phoenix Back Gaff Playing Cards USPCC

Phoenix Back Gaff Playing Cards

Available in regular and large index.

Gaffs for the Serious Pro! 

If you think that Bicycle is the magician's deck, think twice, because it is official now: The Phoenix Deck is the only FISM recognized playing card deck worldwide. We are celebrating the partnership with FISM with the release of the Phoenix Gaffed Deck. It is a deck that does not contain a single fancy misprinted card, but has all that a serious card worker needs:

  • 26 Double-Faced cards that finally make sense. The prints are paired like an Invisible Deck, so 26 cards can cover all values in a deck, with half the thickness.
  • Large Phoenix Aces and Phoenix Joker with blank backs. Using these cards in a blank back Bicycle Deck turns it automatically into a blank backed Phoenix Deck.
  • McDonald's Aces with the large Phoenix Aces makes the effect more visible for your audience.
  • 4 Double Backer cards with Phoenix backs on one side and Bicycle backs on the other! All combinations included (red/red, blue/blue, red/blue, blue/red)
  • 3 blank face cards with blue Phoenix backs
  • 3 blank face cards with red Phoenix backs
  • 4 Phoenix Double Backer red / red
  • 4 Phoenix Double Backer blue / blue
  • 4 Phoenix Double Backer red / blue
Please note these cards are new but the box is not in cello wrap.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Phoenix are the best magician cards on the market. No doubt about it! I pretty much only perform with Phoenix cards, using others only on occasion.

P. Dennis
Excellent mix of gaffs

Most of my decks are bikes. But I have purchased several Phoenix decks and bought these gaffs so that I can perform the classic card tricks with a phoenix back deck. Pleased with the gaffs.

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