Perpetua Playing Cards Cartamundi

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Perpetua Playing Cards

Designed alongside Arturo Schöndube & Javier Natera, Perpetua is 1 of only 2 decks that Ellusionist has ever collaborated with outside talent on.

Perpetua takes its name from the saint and martyr who was imprisoned in the ancient city of Cartago. Her journal is one of the rare surviving documents written by a woman in the ancient world.

The deck's designers, obsessed with endless Escher-esque artwork, created a metaphorical Cartago cityscape with no beginning and no end. It's perpetual.

Inside the tuck is a fully custom deck. The backs, courts, numbers, jokers, and suits are all illustrated with textured geometric artwork

The stock is the famed Luxury-pressed E7 stock that debuted on Cohorts, for a slim and durable experience that our customers have grown to expect.

Perpetua is a must-have deck, where the design itself creates as much intrigue as the tricks you'll perform with it.

2021 Release

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