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Peelers v2 Playing Cards USPCC

$11.99 USD
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Peelers v2 Playing Cards USPCC

$11.99 USD

Peelers v2 Playing Cards

A May 2019 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here

Orange you glad we ARE saying banana? Peelers V2 is here! With the same fresh vibrant color pallet as the original Peelers this deck is perfect for spring. We might have also added some more bananas to the court cards. They have a fresh new look with the same feeling and longevity of the original Peelers.

Printed by USPCC on Bee stock. Our bananas don’t go bad. We also changed up the crate they come in a little. Be careful when opening because you might find a spider on the box!

Don’t just buy one deck but by a whole hand of 6 and receive an Unrevealed Custom Shipping Crate Half Brick Box! (While supplies last) We went Bananas with this one! There can’t be any monkeying around though because we only printed 2,500. Get your Peelers before they “slip” away!

2019 Release

Customer Reviews

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Fun deck - also look for the matching ones with strawberries and oranges

This deck is part of a fun series. I already have the original Peelers deck, which was very popular, and this one changes up the colours, for a more fun look - I actually prefer this one with the soft pink colour on the card backs. The "Snackers" deck in the same series features strawberries is also worth getting, as is the "Squeezers" deck, which features oranges.


I apologize. I bought the last deck. Strolling along, just surfing the website, then OH SH*T ONE DECK LEFT!!!! *purchase*

The back design, not gonna lie, I'd rather have the V1 color, but, those are sold out, so, here we are. The court colors and pips however, ARE BEAUTIFUL. One thing I love is that the colors are different(a sky blueish/teal type color instead of black, and a "salmon" pink ish type color instead of red) but still very very recognizable. The joker reveal is a bit lame, I'd rather just have two identicals, but not gonna complain. Tuck is a bit lacking, aesthetically, but themed none the less. Great Feel. Great color. Dope Deck.

Terry Quan Chi Dung
The Box !

Im particularly impressed with the tuck case, both v1 and v2. the back design has a feels-good , summer-ish vibe to it. The quality and handling is great, love what Riffle Shuffle and Organic Playing Cards been doing so far. Oh the half brick box is fun too

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