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PCD Clear Plastic Playing Card Box

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PCD Clear Plastic Playing Card Box

PCD Clear Plastic Playing Card Box

Sold by the single unit or dozen

For years I have been looking for an inexpensive hard one piece clear plastic box to store and transport poker size playing card decks for myself and customers. I was never able to find one, so I partnered up with Carat Case Creations to have one exclusively manufactured. We made sure to get all the details perfect and even threw away the first mold we made, as the product was not to our high standards. Finally a perfect solution to store and transport your favorite decks individually. 

  • A custom mold injected box made of polypropylene (PP) plastic - strong & light
  • Internal dimensions - 9.3 x 6.6 x 2.0 cm
  • External dimensions - 9.7 x 7.2 x 2.4 cm
  • Fits poker decks from all major manufacturers (Cartamundi, EPCC, HCPCC, LPCC, TWPCC and USPCC)
  • Hinged lid that closes firmly and securely - snaps shut
  • PCD logo on bottom of the box
  • Playing cards not included

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Joe DeLettera
1 box, 2 box, 3 box more!

I've purchased the 12 pack card boxes a few times. The last time I bought three (36 total) during a sale. I loved the size and quality from the first time I received them. Every deck of cards I own goes into one of these boxes. The box snaps closed and it stays closed. The lid stays secure. It really is a great card box for the price. It can be used for a number of other items as well. Thumbtacks, paperclips, screws etc.

Gary Plants

PCD Clear Plastic Playing Card Box

Vicki T
Love, love, love!!

These holders are top quality! They are big enough to hold a set of cards including a thin cardboard box, if they were bought in a case. They snap shut and they store great!!

Great Deck Protectors!

These are excellent for protecting your card decks. Most spills won't even get through them, not to mention the wear and tear of carrying a deck around in your pocket.

Great For Protecting Your Deck!

I had gotten one of these when I ordered a deck of cards from on eBay, and it was so awesome that I had to skip over here and order a couple more. These are seriously that good!

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