Parlour Collector Card Trick

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Parlour Collector Card Trick

Available in blue or red

The aces are removed from the deck, and put in a glass, spectator chooses 3 cards from a spread deck. With just a snap, the 3 cards disappear from the deck and reappear upside down between the Aces.

No sleight of hand

Designed for close-up and parlor 
comes in 2 colors red and blue
Package includes:
  • 2 aces with regular cards on back but all aces have roughing fluid so attached are double backers and one blank face
  • the whole deck has roughing fluid on the back but can be shuffled, spread. The roughing fluid allows the spectator's card to easily "vanish"
  • In parlor situation you can shorten the corner (or use any force you wish)