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Parisian Marked Playing Cards EPCC

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Parisian Marked Playing Cards EPCC

Parisian Marked Playing Cards

A September 2019 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here.

Limited amount of uncuts available

Inspired by the architecture of the Eiffel Tower, the Parisian Deck is fully-marked for suit and value. The intricately detailed design is timeless in form and function. It is printed by Expert Playing Cards, with their NEW China Printer.
The Parisian Tuck Box features a textured matte paper stock, a rich Copper FOIL, and a PANTONE Blue accent color. The design includes architectural elements featured in the Eiffel Tower’s structure. The letters “ML19” on the front commemorate the Magic Live 2019 release of the Parisian Deck.
The Cards are printed with Expert’s Classic Finish. The Back Card has an intricate design, bold and rich colors, and contains subtle depth to it. The Marking System is very subtle to casual observers, but easy to read by those who know it’s markings. The Face Cards feature METALLIC Gold and a METALLIC Light Blue inks. The Ace of Spade is elegant and classical. The non-matching Jokers (Gold / Gold and Gold / Light Blue) feature the Eiffel Tower, or “La Dame de Fer”, as it looked upon it’s completion for the 1889 World’s Fair.
Limited Edition of 1,000
2019 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Beautiful Deck

Bought this for my marked decks collection and even though I don't own that many marked decks, this is by far the most beautiful one.

The tuck case has a bronze-copper foil finish and the paper is great as well. It is very stylish and I can't stop looking at it.

Inside, the royal cards have these almost metallic colors which makes them look great. The jokers which portray the Eiffel tower also have this almost metallic color and makes them stand out.

I find the marks very easy to read once you memorize the suit system, to read the number you can think of a clock and you're set.

This is a very nice deck and shouldn't be left out of any serious collection.

David Niederauer
The Parisian Deck: A 5⭐️ Deck with a 2½⭐️ Marking System

This Randy Butterfield Deck is a beautiful. The tuck box is one on the most beautiful tucks around.

Printed by EPCC the cards handle very well. They’re easy to faro shuffle, fan, and make a beautiful spread.

They are good for magic because the faces of the cards are very close to Standard. The Court Cards are enhanced with (I think) metallic gold and blue inks and look great.

The marking system isn’t my favorite. The marks are far apart and for me it takes two “thinking” glances to read. I’d call it an “extended split second” to read them. Probably it won’t be noticed by the spectator but any extra time looking at the card could be suspicious. Also the Kings are marked fo Suit only. When I look at the King I hesitate and look again thinking I might have just missed seeing the mark. That’s not good. I’m sure if I used this deck more often I’d be able to read the markings faster.

I will say that even if this deck wasn’t marked I would still want to own it. The fact that the tuck box is so beautiful along with the fact that it is designed by one of today’s most notable designers makes it worthy of any collection.

Wonderfully Designed Deck -- Table Art Worthy

Parisian Marked Playing Cards EPCC is a beautifully designed deck that has both a classical and eye catching design. The back design speaks of old European architecture.

Jack E. McCoy
Close-Up Table Worthy

In my collection of decks, few stand out in appearance and desirable inking as this deck. On a black mat the deck looks great and is an attention-getter. Another thing about this deck, and which so many miss the mark with, is the slightly bigger and bolder pips in perfect black and red colors, and their location is more towards the cards outside edges which I love in a deck. Recognizing them in a spread or short distance away is far easier for the spectator or anyone for that matter. The back markings are easy to read, even a short distance away. The deck handles well, they're not soft cards and about medium rigidity. Flourishes requiring flexibility wouldn't be too desirable with this deck, but block flourishes and table spreads works great. The edges are precision cut, smooth and comfortable to the fingers with just the slightest bite for gripping. All in all, very happy with this deck.

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