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Papilio Ulysses v3 Playing Cards USPCC

$11.99 USD
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Papilio Ulysses v3 Playing Cards USPCC

$11.99 USD

Real beauty is understated and confident. It effortlessly touches us like a gentle breeze. 
Papilio Ulysses V3 Playing Cards (printed by US Playing Card Company) encourages all who hold this amazing deck to experience its beauty and "Alis volat propriis" - Fly with your own wings. 

When in flight, the female Ulysses butterfly can be seen hundreds of meters away as sudden bright blue flashes. 

In honor of this phenomenon, metallic blue and gold ink is strategically speckled throughout the deck on the tuck case, card backs, court cards and Jokers. 
The value and quality of Papilio Ulysses Playing Cards is undeniable. Every card was thoughtfully modified to represent the stages of metamorphosis and flight. Each of the court cards are customized with royal beauty and class. 

The numbered cards delightfully include a customized pip, while retaining the familiar design of the key indices. 
The simple white and metallic blue tuck case cocoons the beauty and the unique color of the deck inside. The tuck also fittingly includes a prediction element for magicians.

  • Printed by USPCC
  • Metallic inks on court cards, Jokers, and tuck box
  • Special pip on each numbered card
  • Customized court cards
  • Includes 2 Jokers and one double back
  • Designed by Kiran Kuruvithadam
2017 Release.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Phlow Jaxx
Thick and Long Lasting Cards

This deck is even more mesmerizing in person. Well worth the money. I didnt use these cards much but they feel good to spring (if you have strong hands) and they pharo good from front and back.

EndersGame Reviewer
A beautiful butterfly themed deck from Murphys Magic

The card-backs of this deck are an aquatic/mint green, printed with beautiful metallic ink which reflects in the light, and catches the eye much like the attractive butterfly wings that inspired it. Touches of this colour have been added to the court cards to ensure a consistent look.

Fully customized Aces highlight the elegance of the butterfly theme, with pip designs inspired by their wings. The beautiful mirrored back design has a very recognizable and strong overall pattern - the hallmark of a well-designed card back. Yet close observation also rewards the viewer with all kinds of wonderful details, with an abundance of butterfly wings throughout. It's elegant and beautiful, and a strong circular shape in the card center emerges during twirls.

Despite the customization, the overall design is based on a standard deck. The number cards are almost completely traditional, but as a nod to the deck's butterfly theme, each has one customized pip which takes up the butterfly theme. This makes the deck suitable for playing card games and for use in card magic.

Two matching jokers both feature a butterfly larva in a the form of a J. Besides the Jokers (each of which also has a dash of aquatic/mint green), two gaff cards are included: a double backer, and a duplicate 7 of Hearts. There's a nice 7 of Hearts reveal on the tuck flap which gives added possibilities for magic routines with this extra card, and making it a good `magician friendly' deck.

Travis Nonenmacher
Love the little touches

Beautiful art style, love the gold touches of metalic ink on the faces and the back is just shiny enough. The only reason my review is 4/5 is that the backs of mine are 1 way backed as the borders are not even.

J. Calandrino
gentle as the breeze a butterfly makes

The cards are a delight the moment they leave the smart tuck case. The courts are simultaneously bold and subtle. The number cards are made enchanting by the pip diversion. The finish is perfect and handling easy. Any collector should have at least a pair.

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