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Paisley Black Marked Playing Cards USPCC

$13.99 USD
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Paisley Black Marked Playing Cards USPCC

$13.99 USD

Paisley Black Marked Playing Cards

Paisley Playing Cards is a traditional deck of elegant poker size playing cards, inspired by the ancient, well-known Paisley pattern. These cards have been carefully crafted by designers of the Dutch Card House Company, which you may be familiar with from Diamon Playing Cards. 

It is a worker's deck for daily use and performance, 52 cards that merge elegance with function. This nature-inspired design lends itself perfectly for a clean, yet detailed, back design. The tuck is clean, simple and all-over immersed with the paisley design. The deep black look of the tuck gives this deck of cards a rich and glamorous feeling. 

Paisley Playing Cards is not an average pack of cards. A well-hidden, two-way marking system for suits and value has been integrated in the detailed back design. It is very easy to read for the trained eye and completely invisible to your audience. There is also included a double backer and a duplicate face card to help you perform special effects. 

The cards are printed on the Crushed Bicycle grade stock by the USPCC. This makes them last longer, feel incredibly soft and have an amazing snap. The remarkable Air Cushion Finish smoothens the surface, allowing beautiful spreads and fans. Moreover, the cards are traditionally cut for easy weaving techniques and Faro shuffles. 

Paisley Playing Cards is an asset to the necessities of every cardician!

2019 Release

Customer Reviews

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Donovan Durfee
Nice Marking System

I missed this deck when it was on Kickstarter and I didn't realize it was on here until a couple months ago when I bought it. The marking system is clever, though I do wish they would have provided a card explaining the markings with the deck. Also, the tuck case was a little damage when it was delivered, that and the lack of a markings explanation is the reason why I'm giving this deck a 4 star rating instead of a 5 star.

Paul Syros
Really nice cards

Like the review on this page, I also have a large collection of marked decks. I go all the way from Deland cards to Boris Wild Cards to Brooklin cards, but these are really nice. They are really smooth when doing a fan and look good.

Jack E. McCoy
A Marked Deck Collector's New Favorite Marked Deck

As mentioned in the title, I've a decent collection of marked decks, most very clever in their own means. This deck however surpasses all because of their paisley back design, and sneaky markings. That classic ancient Persian motif on top of the black background is stunning. Every time I do a fan, someone mentions how pretty the deck is. The best part is of course, it's marked deck! The suit identifier is very small and does require a little focusing on my part, the value identifier jumps out at me the moment I glance at it. The tiny suit identifier certainly doesn't sway me from highly recommending this deck. With a little practice, I'm getting quicker and the deck looks wonderful. They handle good as well. Only a few remain, so you might want to grab one while it's still available.

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