Oris Playing Cards LPCC

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  • Printed by the Legends Playing Card Company on their Classic Finish 
  • Pantone metallic gold on cards 
  • Premium Matte Card Tuck box fully embossed and foiled
  • 54 Poker size playing cards
  • Limited Edition, only 2000 decks (1000 each version)
  • 2 version of the back, with or without white borders
The idea was to show the deck of cards as it was a book, a book full of stories that it has lived, it is living and it will live itself but that it can tell anyway.

In many magic routines it’s normal to use a story as play choreography… telling a story… telling it as a fair to read to children, in order to let the interlocutor go deep inside in the magic’s world.

It’s the reason why the ace of spades has written “every deck tells a story”, because cards are the voice and the instrument magic uses to tell about itself… No one like ace of spades could tell it better than others. 

Oris… the magic’s mouth, one wizard… and their stories.

2018 Release

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